Ai Tenchi Muyo!


The Ai Tenchi Muyo! anime series is a Japanese anime television series produced by AIC and directed by Hiroshi Negishi. It aired on TV Tokyo from October 5, 1992 to March 29, 1995. The series is a spin-off of the Tenchi Muyo! anime series, and follows the adventures of Ai, the daughter of Tenchi Masaki.

Tenchi Muyo! is a Japanese anime series created by Hiroaki Inoue. The series is set in a fictional universe where humans, aliens, and gods coexist. It follows the adventures of teenager Tenchi Masaki, who accidentally releases the space pirate Ryoko from a cave she was imprisoned in. Ryoko becomes Tenchi’s servant, but the two are constantly at odds with each other. Meanwhile, the goddesses Ayeka and Sasami arrive on Earth in search of their lost father, the emperor of Jurai. The series chronicles the various conflicts that arise among these characters, as well as Tenchi’s romance with Ryoko.

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