Date A Live IV

We do not currently have any information about an upcoming Date A Live IV anime.

Shido Itsuka and his sister Kotori live in an alternative reality where the world has been invaded by aliens called Spirits. These Spirits cause massive disasters that destroy entire cities. Shido is a high school student who has the ability to seal the powers of these Spirits. He uses this ability to save the world from destruction. Kotori is the commander of the anti-Spirit organization called Ratatoskr. She is also Shido’s adoptive sister.

Shido meets a Spirit girl named Tohka. He seal her powers to save the world from destruction. Tohka falls in love with Shido and they start dating. However, their relationship is threatened by the arrival of another Spirit girl named Origami. Origami is a member of Ratatoskr and she is determined to kill all Spirits, including Tohka. Shido must find a way to save his relationship with Tohka and stop Origami from destroying the world.

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