Date A Live Yatogami Tohka Princess Cosplay Weapon cheap


Date A Live IV is the fourth and final season of the Date A Live anime series. The season adapts material from the final two volumes of the light novel series.

The story continues from the previous season, with Shido Itsuka and his friends dealing with the aftermath of the spacequake caused by the Spirit, Nia. They must also deal with a new threat, the AST, who are determined to capture all the Spirits.

Shido and his friends must do whatever it takes to protect the Spirits and prevent another spacequake from happening.

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How to make Date A Live Yatogami Tohka Princess Cosplay Weapon


What you will need:

1. Two pieces of cardboard, or any other stiff material

2. Ruler or measuring tape

3. Pencil

4. X-acto knife or box cutter

5. Gold or silver spray paint

6. Red paint (optional)

7. Clear packing tape

8. Black Sharpie (optional)


1. Cut out a sword shape from one of the pieces of cardboard. The sword should be about 2 feet long and 8 inches wide at the base.

2. Cut out a smaller sword shape from the other piece of cardboard. This will be the sword’s hilt.

3. Spray paint the sword and hilt gold or silver. Allow to dry completely.

4. Optional: Paint the sword’s edge red with acrylic paint.

5. Tape the hilt to the sword with clear packing tape.

6. Optional: Draw designs on the sword with a black Sharpie.


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