Yamai Yuzuru Cosplay Costume cheap


Date A Live IV is the fourth and final season of the Date A Live anime series. The season aired from April 2020 to September 2020. The story picks up after the events of the third season, with Shido Itsuka and his friends dealing with the aftermath of the Third Impact. They must also deal with a new threat, as a group of powerful Spirits known as the Deans have arrived on Earth.

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How to make Yamai Yuzuru Cosplay Costume

from Yuri on Ice

1. Find a white collared shirt and a pair of black pants that fit you well.

2. Cut the sleeves off the shirt so that they are short sleeves.

3. Cut the pants so that they are shorts.

4. Sew or glue white fabric onto the shorts and shirt.

5. Cut out a Yamai Yuzuru cosplay costume pattern and use it to trace and cut the fabric for the costume.

6. Sew the costume together and add any final details.


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