Dr. Stone Stone Wars

Dr. Stone Stone Wars is an upcoming anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name. It is set to air in Japan in January 2021.

The story of Dr. Stone is set in a future where a mysterious phenomenon has turned all of humanity to stone. The only remaining humans are a group of scientists who use their knowledge to try and find a way to revert everyone back to their normal state.

As the scientists work on finding a cure, they also have to protect themselves from the people who have turned to stone. These people, called the Petrification Kingdom, want to keep everyone in their stone state so they can rule the world.

The scientists eventually find a way to turn people back to normal, but the Petrification Kingdom doesn’t want to give up their power. This leads to a war between the two groups, with the scientists fighting to free humanity from the Petrification Kingdom’s control.

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