Witch Regret B Cosplay Costume cheap


Edens Zero follows the adventures of Shiki Granbell, a young boy who was orphaned and taken in by the crew of the space pirate ship, the Edens Zero. The Edens Zero crew are a group of misfits and outcasts who travel the galaxy in search of adventure. They are joined by Rebecca, a mysterious girl who has the ability to control gravity. Together, they explore the strange and dangerous worlds that make up the Edens Zero Universe.

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How to make Witch Regret B Cosplay Costume

What you will need:

-A black top
-A black skirt
-A black cape
-A black hat
-A black wig
-A black wand
-A black broom (optional)


1. Start by putting on your black top and black skirt.

2. Next, put on your black cape.

3. Put on your black hat.

4. Put on your black wig.

5. Finally, hold your black wand and broom in your hands.

You are now ready to cosplay as Witch Regret B!


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