Enen No Shouboutai Maki Oze Cosplay Costume cheap


Fire Force Season 2 is the story of a group of firefighters who battle against a mysterious force that is causing people to spontaneously combust. The story follows the members of the 8th Special Fire Brigade as they investigate the source of the fire and try to stop it from spreading. The anime is full of action, suspense, and mystery, and is sure to keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

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How to make Enen No Shouboutai Maki Oze Cosplay Costume

1. Choose a light-colored shirt and dark-colored pants.

2. Cut the shirt into a long, sleeveless tunic.

3. Sew or safety pin the tunic closed at the sides.

4. Cut two long, rectangular strips from the dark-colored pants.

5. Tie the strips around your waist, criss-crossing them in the back.

6. Cut the bottom off of the remaining pants leg.

7. Put on the tunic and pants.

8. Cut two small triangles out of the bottom of the tunic.

9. Tie the triangles around your neck.


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