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Fruits Basket The Final is an anime series that follows the story of Toru, a high school student who is transformed into a zodiac animal by the Chinese zodiac. When Toru’s transformation is discovered by his classmates, he is ostracized and forced to leave his school. He eventually meets and befriends a group of students who are also transformed into zodiac animals, and together they help him come to terms with his new identity. The series focuses on the themes of family, friendship, and self-acceptance, and is set against the backdrop of the traditional Chinese zodiac.

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How to make Momiji Sohma Cosplay Costume

from Fruits Basket

What you will need:

1. A white kimono.

2. A red obi sash.

3. A pair of red geta sandals.

4. A red headband.

5. A small red umbrella.

6. A small red fan.

7. Red lipstick.

8. Red fingernail polish.

9. The character Momiji Sohma’s outfit from the anime/manga series Fruits Basket.


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