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Miss Kobayashi is a young woman who lives alone in an apartment. One day, she comes home from work to find a large dragon in her kitchen. The dragon introduces herself as Tohru, and says that she has come to serve Miss Kobayashi.

At first, Miss Kobayashi is afraid of Tohru, but she gradually gets used to having her around. Tohru is a very polite and helpful dragon, and she even starts attending Miss Kobayashi’s office as her assistant.

However, as time goes on, Miss Kobayashi starts to realize that Tohru may not be as innocent as she seems. Tohru is actually a powerful dragon, and she is capable of causing a lot of destruction if she gets angry.

Miss Kobayashi has to learn to deal with Tohru’s dragon side, while also trying to keep her own life in order.

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How to make Kanna Kamui Kimono Cosplay Costume

There is no definitive answer, but one way to make a Kanna Kamui Kimono Cosplay Costume is to start with a base kimono and then add accents and embellishments to make it unique to the character. Look for a kimono with a print or pattern that resembles the one worn by Kanna Kamui in the anime or manga, and then add your own personal touches to make it your own. Consider adding a obi (belt), hakama (pleated skirt), or other accessories to complete the look.


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