Pretty Cure PreCure


Pretty Cure is a Japanese anime franchise created by Izumi Todo and produced by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, Asatsu-DK and Toei Animation. The main series revolves around girls who transform into Warriors of Light, named Pretty Cures, to fight against evil. The first series, Pretty Cure, aired in 2004. As of 2018, eleven Pretty Cure series have been aired, the most recent being Hugtto! Pretty Cure.

The Pretty Cure PreCure anime follows the adventures of a group of magical girls who use their powers to fight evil. The main characters are Cure Black and Cure White, who are the leaders of the group. The other members include Cure Meadow, Cure Marine, and Cure Sunshine. The group fights against a variety of villains, including the dark wizard Nightmare and the demon king Majestic.

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