Sayaka Miki Blue Cosplay Wig cheap


Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a story about a group of young girls who are granted magical powers in order to fight evil beings called Witches. However, they soon discover that their powers come at a great cost, and must decide whether to continue using them or not.

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How to make Sayaka Miki Blue Cosplay Wig

You will need:

-A blue wig
-A blue hair tie
-A blue ribbon
-A blue headband
-A blue clip
-A blue wig cap

1. Start by putting on the wig cap.

2. Tie the blue ribbon around the base of the wig.

3. Secure the blue headband in place.

4. Clip the blue hair tie onto the side of the wig.

5. Finally, put on the blue wig.


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