Re: Creators

The plot of Re:Creators revolves around people who create and consume works of fiction, who are suddenly pulled into the world that they created. The story focuses on a high school girl named Sota Mizushino, who is transported into the world of his favorite anime, “Eirei Kizuna”, along with the female lead, Altair. As they try to find a way back to their own world, they are joined by other characters from other works of fiction who have also been transported to this world. Together, they must find a way back home, while also dealing with the threats that exist in this world.

The story of Re: Creators is set in a world where characters from various anime, manga, light novels, and video games are brought to life as “Creators”. These Creators are able to travel between the various worlds and interact with the characters that live in them. However, the balance of power between the Creators and the characters is soon upset when a group of characters from a world that was destroyed by a Creator decide to take revenge on all Creators.

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