Redo of Healer

There is not much information about the anime “Redo of Healer” as it has not been released yet. The anime is set to air in Japan in January 2021. The anime is based on the light novel series of the same name, written by Rui Tsukiyo and illustrated by Shiokonbu. The light novel series is published by Kadokawa Shoten.

The story of “Redo of Healer” follows Keyaru, a boy who was cruelly used and abandoned by others. He obtains the power to “heal” people, and decides to use it to take revenge on those who have hurt him.

Healer anime is about a young man named Keyaru who is reincarnated into a fantasy world. He is taken in by a powerful wizard named Flare and is trained to be a healer. However, Keyaru is betrayed by Flare and is left for dead. Keyaru is rescued by a woman named Setsuna and is taken in by her. Keyaru falls in love with Setsuna and sets out to get revenge on Flare.

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