Nagi Karman Black Cosplay Wig cheap


The anime is set in a future world where people with special abilities, known as “Others,” have begun to appear. These people have the ability to control objects with their minds, and the government has formed a special unit, known as the “Scarlet Guard,” to deal with them.

One day, a young man named Yū Otosaka is discovered to have the ability to take control of other people’s bodies for five seconds at a time. He is drafted into the Scarlet Guard, and is soon sent on a mission to stop a group of Others who are planning to launch a terrorist attack.

However, as Yū and his teammates begin to uncover the truth about the Others, they realize that the true enemy may be closer than they think.

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How to make Nagi Karman Black Cosplay Wig

1. Start with a clean, dry, and styled wig. If you need to, you can trim the wig to achieve your desired look.

2. To add color, first mix your desired shade of black hair dye with equal parts developer.

3. To apply the color, use a brush or your fingers to apply the mixture evenly throughout the wig.

4. Once the color is applied, allow it to sit for the amount of time specified on the hair dye package.

5. After the allotted time has passed, rinse the wig thoroughly with cool water until the water runs clear.

6. To style the wig, you can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. When styling, be sure to use gentle, even strokes to avoid damaging the wig.


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