Yuito Sumeragi Black Cosplay Wig cheap


The anime is set in a future world where people with extrasensory powers called “Saints” battle monstrous creatures called “Others” using psionic powers. The anime follows the story of Yū Otosaka, a boy who transfers to a prestigious high school where he uses his power to take over other people’s bodies to gain their abilities, and Nao Tomori, a girl who is the student council president and has the power to make people invisible.

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How to make Yuito Sumeragi Black Cosplay Wig

1. Start by purchasing a black wig. You can find these online or at a costume shop.

2. Cut the wig into the desired style. For Yuito’s hairstyle, you will need to create a widow’s peak.

3. To create the widow’s peak, use a small amount of hair gel or wax. Create a small triangle at the center of your forehead and smooth the hair back.

4. Once the wig is styled, put on a black headband.

5. Finally, add some black eyeliner to create Yuito’s signature look.


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