Season 3 Horohoro Cosplay Costume cheap


Shaman King is an anime about a boy named Yoh Asakura who is a shaman, someone who can communicate with spirits. He enters into a competition called the Shaman Fight in order to become the Shaman King and be able to contact the Great Spirit and make any wish come true. Along the way he meets many friends and foes and learns more about himself, his culture, and the true nature of the Shaman Fight.

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How to make Season 3 Horohoro Cosplay Costume

You will need:

1. A white collared shirt

2. A blue jacket

3. Brown pants

4. A red scarf

5. Brown boots

6. A brown belt

To make the costume:

1. Put on the white collared shirt.

2. Wear the blue jacket over the shirt.

3. Pull on the brown pants.

4. Wrap the red scarf around your neck.

5. Put on the brown boots.

6. Fasten the brown belt around your waist.


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