Takt op.Destiny Titan Cosplay Costume cheap


Takt op.Destiny is a heartwarming story about a young girl named Takt who dreams of becoming a famous singer. Her life changes when she meets a boy named Op who helps her follow her dreams. The two of them work together to achieve Takt’s dream, and along the way, they learn the importance of friendship and working hard to achieve their goals.

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How to make Takt op.Destiny Titan Cosplay Costume


This simple guide will show you how to make a Destiny Titan cosplay costume. You can use this guide to make either a male or female Titan costume.

What You’ll Need:

-A pair of black pants
-A black shirt
-A black hoodie or cloak
-A black belt
-A pair of black boots
-A set of silver or white armor (you can find this online or at a costume shop)


1. Start by putting on the black pants and shirt.

2. Next, put on the black hoodie or cloak.

3. Then, put on the black belt.

4. Finally, put on the black boots.

5. Put on the silver or white armor over the top of your clothing. Make sure that the armor fits snugly so that it doesn’t fall off during your cosplay.


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