The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. The series is published by Square Enix and is currently ongoing.

The story of The Case Study of Vanitas revolves around a young man named Vanitas who is a “book doctor”. He is hired by a woman named Noé to help her find a particular book. However, Vanitas is not the only one looking for this book and soon finds himself caught up in a race to find it first. Along the way, he will meet a variety of colorful characters, all with their own secrets and agendas.

The Case Study of Vanitas is an intriguing and fast-paced manga that is sure to keep readers hooked from start to finish. If you are a fan of Jun Mochizuki’s previous work, or if you are simply looking for a new and exciting manga to read, then this is definitely one series that you should check out.

The anime is set in 19th century Europe, and follows the story of Vanitas, a young man who is cursed with the ability to see the undead. He meets a young woman named Noé, who is also cursed, and the two of them set out to find a way to break their curses. Along the way, they encounter a variety of monsters and other supernatural creatures, as well as a number of people who are also cursed.

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