Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

-The story follows Mikoto Misaka, a high school girl who is a member of the Misaka Network, a worldwide network of powerful magicians. One day, she is summoned to a mysterious training facility called “A Certain Scientific Railgun” and meets a girl named Satella who tells her that she is the successor to the Railgun mantle. As a result, Mikoto is forced to use her powers to protect the world from various dangers.

-The anime is based on the manga series of the same name by Yuki Fumino. It began airing in Japan on April 6, 2013 and ended on September 28, 2013. A second season, titled Toaru Majutsu no Index: Second Season, began airing on January 10, 2014 and ended on March 26, 2014. A third season, Toaru Majutsu no Index: Third Season, began airing on October 9, 2014 and ended on December 20, 2014. A fourth season, titled Toaru Majutsu no Index: Fourth Season, began airing on April 7, 2015 and ended on June 25, 2015. A fifth season, titled Toaru Majutsu no Index: Fifth Season, began airing on October 5, 2015 and ended on December 16, 2015. A sixth season

The story of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime follows the adventures of Saya Takagi, a young girl who is a genius shooter with the ability to use railguns. She is drafted into the military to help fight a war against the aliens known as The Infection, and she must use her shooting skills to defeat her enemies.

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