Takashi Mitsuya Cosplay Costume cheap


The story of Tokyo Revengers is about a group of friends who set out to avenge the death of one of their own. The group’s mission is to take down the Tokyo Manji Gang, a ruthless group that controls the city’s underworld. The story follows the group as they battle their way through the gang’s hierarchy, encountering danger and betrayal at every turn. With the help of a mysterious woman, the group slowly starts to take the gang down, one member at a time.

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How to make Takashi Mitsuya Cosplay Costume

1. Choose a light blue collared shirt and dark blue pants.

2. Cut the sleeves of the shirt off so they are short sleeves.

3. Sew or glue on white stripes down the sides of the pants.

4. Cut a white rectangle out of felt and glue or sew it onto the shirt for a name tag.

5. Find a black belt and wear it around your waist.

6. Put your hair up in a high ponytail.

7. To make the cosplay more authentic, consider adding a pair of glasses.


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